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Petite Man In High Heels Sues Fab Lab

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“Mo Feelin”, as signed in court documents, filed a civil suit against Fab Lab of Tulsa yesterday.

Fab Lab is a non-profit community center that offers state of the art computers and equipment for design and construction

Fab Lab

uses.  Mo Feelin accuses Fab Lab of slander and discrimination.

According to Feelin, he went into the Fab Lab three weeks ago, “because I needed to look fabulous for a date!  I said to the frizzy-haired monster standing at the counter, ‘This is a lab?  Where your coats, boojee?’  Now how you gonna make me look fabulous?”

Feelin states that the Fab Lab employee then told him that this wasn’t a hair salon.  “But I didn’t axe for no hair styles.”  Then the employee told Feelin that they could make some platforms for his shoes.

“What you sayin’, I’m small, I’m ‘petight’, I’m tiiiiny?  Then he was all like ‘no, no, I’m sorry’.  Well too late now Sasquatch.”, said Mo Feelin.

Francis Miles, the Fab Lab employee who assisted Mo Feelin, insists that it was all a misunderstanding.  “He walked in wearing these high heels, and underneath, he had glued some particle board.   He had painted them red with glitter.  I explained to him what we could do here at the Fab Lab.  And, as an example, I said that he could make some new bottoms for his shoes.”

Francis continues, “Then he flew off the handle, cussing at me.  Telling me that those were his own label designer shoes, Mo Seemos, if I remember correctly.”  At this point, Mo Feelin put on some lipgloss and asked for his name and address.  “He said he was going to sue me, the Fab Lab, and my landlord.  …I’m not exactly sure what my landlord has to do with this.”

For the record, Mo Feelin is 5’ 2” tall, 5’ 7” in heels.

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