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Bell’s Vacation Ruined

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The Chiswold family of the Southern Ozarks made their vacation choice, this Winter break, to head down to Tulsa to go to Bell’s Amusement Park.  They were disgusted and angry to find out that the park had closed 7 years ago.


“I came here about 10 years ago and had such a blast.  I wanted to share that with my kids.  But now, my dreams are dashed!”, said Chevy Chiswold.  “I didn’t drive all this way for nothing!”


He went to Target, where Chevy chased down a few shopping carts.  He and his wife, Beverly, tied the carts to their beat-up minivan and began driving around the county fairgrounds’ parking lot, with their kids, Anthony, Michael, and Dana in tow.  Chevy told them this was the Zingo.


“We’re gonna make the most of this.  The kids are a little scared by how determined and intense their Dad is right now.  But we did drive all this way.”, added Beverly.


The fairgrounds’ security guard, John, approached them to tell them to leave.  But Chevy pulled out a gun and forced him to help them recreate the Bell’s experience.


“He forced me to sit in a shopping cart, while he drove really fast in circles.  He blared KMOD out of the van and kept yelling at me, ‘You wanna go faster?’.  Once, he tried to go in reverse.  But that didn’t quite work.”, John stated.


John wasn’t ever worried about the gun.  He knew it was just a water gun from the fact that it was plastic and orange.  John actually enjoyed himself after a while.  He won a game of skeeball, in the back of the van, and Chevy gave John candy as a prize.


Robbie Bell eventually showed up, out of the blue.  They pretended to ride the Phantasmagoria.  Dana nearly peed herself when her cart turned a corner and the minivan honked loudly, catching her off-guard.


Robbie Bell had so much fun with the Chiswold family that he gave them lifetime passes to the new Bell’s Amusement Park, whenever it gets built.

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