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Recipé Corner: Trisha Cooks Tulsa

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Hi y’all! I’ve got 3 delicious recipés to share with you that’s all about finger foods. You know, those perfectly sized morsels of goodness that you can’t stop eating because they’re just too easy. Here’s some great suggestions for those bowl game football parties or just lying around the house, avoiding reality or those scary gooblies.

This first recipé was created by an accident. I was hosting my son’s tenth birthday party. Boy, has he grown. He might be on Student Council, if someone steps down. He’s the back up. So I had bought some pizzas. I had opened a pepperoni pizza. Then I went to open the sausage. I don’t know how I did this. But I opened the wrong end of the pizza box.

So my sausage pizza flew out of the box and landed face down, almost perfectly on top of the pepperoni. The toppings had all mingled. I had one pizza with double everything and one that had some tomato sauce on it. But I fixed it. And here’s how.

Pizza Biters

2 same size pizzas – any flavor
1 cup Ranch dressing
A bunch of toothpicks

Put 1 cup of Ranch on 1 of the pizzas. Put the other pizza, face down, on top of the Ranch pizza. Cut it into bite size pieces. Put toothpicks in each piece. Serve.

Sushi Biters

4 sushi rolls
1 lb bacon
½ cup Ranch dressing
A bunch of toothpicks

Cook bacon on the skillet. When they are done, cut the strips into bite size pieces. You can use any sushi you want. I usually go to Reasor’s. Cut the sushi in half usually. Sometimes they come in different sizes. So you may have to cut it in thirds. Fry these sushi pieces in the skillet with some bacon grease until the fish is cooked.

Place the fried sushi pieces on a plate. Spread Ranch dressing on the top. Then place a piece of bacon on top of the Ranch. Put toothpicks in each piece. Serve.

Ice Cream Biters

½ Gal ice cream – any flavor
2 Cups Ranch dressing
A bunch of toothpicks

Scoop the ice cream into bite size balls. Put toothpicks into the balls. Then dip the balls individually into a bowl of Ranch dressing. Next, place them on a cookie sheet. Make sure the balls aren’t touching each other. Freeze them until the balls are solid. Serve.

That’s that for now. And I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote myself.

I like to cook good food
And I call Tulsa my home.
If you’re in the neighborhood,
Come on by and get you some.


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