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We can’t say exactly when yet. But we expect it to be by late Summer.
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We host a variety of comedic acts, including improv, sketch, and stand up. While our headliners will perform on Friday and Saturday nights mainly, we will also present shows on Thursdays. On Sundays, we will have our version of an open mic evening. We offer show descriptions here.
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When we establish our opening date, we will start announcing the shows.
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All of our shows are General Admission. There’s not a bad seat in the house. We will start seating around 10 minutes before show time.
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There are a few parking lots on either side of us. There is one on Elgin, South of 1st. There is one across from us, on 1st. You can also park in the street.
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Bubbles, pixie dust, and warm goat’s milk.
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We feature age guidelines with every show description. Our early evening shows are typically PG or PG-13. The late evening shows tend to be more adult in content. Meaning they will have some mature language and themes. We will do our best to inform you of the anticipated content of each show. However, especially with improv, we cannot insure what a performance will contain. If you have any specific questions regarding a show’s content, please e-mail me at jasonw@comedyparlor.com.
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Our shows vary in length. The show descriptions will include an estimated performance time. Most run about an hour.
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We recommend buying tickets online. Our theater seats 70 people. So shows can easily sell out. That said, our box office opens at 5pm on show days. And you can always call to see if tickets are available, ###.
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No. We only need your name and an ID at the box office to claim your tickets.